Susie HowellI am passionately drawn to a place that evokes peacefulness, which balances my other world of much responsibility and many projects.  I can frequently be found following the light on Spencer or Smith Islands (located between Everett and Marysville, Washington) with my canine companion and camera backpack.  Exploring nature throughout the seasons, whether hiking in the Cascade Mountains or road-tripping to the coast, eastern Washington or the Southwest states are some of the locations I find inspiration for my art photography.

My unique style of photography is expressed through my own personal connection to the world; a visual communication seems to emerge from my subconscious self.  Repeated elements include water, trees, old buildings and various critters such as birds, horses and dogs.  One of my favorite mediums is infrared imagery in black and white;  I’m very attracted to an impressionistic look in these works.   I use digital or traditional paintbrushes to add subtle color on some of these images. Some of most current works are drawing-like images of birds on bare branches printed on handmade papers or canvas.   Photographing the birds against very foggy or cloudy skies allows me to achieve an appearance of a translucent background; printing on a textured surface enhances this quality.  I enjoy experimenting with substrates and will soon be expanding my printing experiments to include cloth and metal. 

Statement of My Style